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“EZL is much more than plotting software.  It’s really real-time data acquisition, analysis and visualization software…It follows my mantra of providing a great product at a great price. It’s very intuitive and does exactly what it says it can do…”

Gerard C. A. Fonte – Columnist, Elektor Magazine

Scientific Plotting Software and Data Analysis with All-in-One Features You Need

Data Plotting

Plot unlimited data and fully customize your plots with publication quality graphs. Data plotting>>

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Acquire, plot, and analyze your data in real-time. Learn more>>

Frequency Stability Analysis

Frequency Stability and Precision Timing Toolset™ with statistical analysis tools for precise time and time interval (PTTI) data. Frequency stability>>

Filter Design

EZL’s built in filter design utility provides a simple yet powerful method to quickly build and apply custom filters to your data. Learn more>>

Signal Processing

Signal processing features include Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) calculator, cross-correlations, auto-correlations, histograms and more, with the click of a button. Learn more>>

Network Plotting

Capture and plot data through the network via HTTP or FTP. EZL’s network capture utility performs timed plot updates of remote dynamic data or single-shot views of static data.

Curve Fitting

Curve-fitting is easy with EZL. Enjoy non-linear curve fitting functions and analysis with EZL’s Curve Fitting Toolset™. Learn more>>

Math Functions

Perform basic math operations on your data. Scale, normalize, transform, smooth, filter, or remove outliers,

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Create unlimited data plots, analyze, and visualize your data quickly and easily.

ABOUT EZL – SCIENTIFIC PLOTTING SOFTWARE AND DATA ANALYSIS EZL is scientific plotting software and a data analysis tool used by scientists and engineers. EZL was designed by Blair Fonville, an electrical engineer and data analysis expert. EZL can acquire data in real-time, analyze it, and visualize it through custom plots and graphs. Traditional data analysis software can be difficult to learn and expensive depending upon your needs. EZL solves these problems. EZL is built with scientific data plotting and data analysis features you need without bulky code. Scientific plotting software features include customized data plotting, multiple plots, 2d plotter, frequency stability analysis, precision timing, signal processing, real-time plotting and data acquisition, network plotting, curve fitting, Allan Variance and Allan Deviation functionality.

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