Filter Design Toolset™

Quickly build and apply custom filters to your data.

EZL’s Filter Design Toolset™ provides a simple yet powerful method to quickly build and apply custom filters to your data.

Filter design is the process of designing a signal processing filter that satisfies a set of requirements, some of which are contradictory. The purpose of filter design is to find a realization of the filter that meets each of the requirements to a sufficient degree to make it useful.

The filter design process can be described as an optimization problem where each requirement contributes to an error function which should be minimized. Certain parts of the filter design process can be automated, but normally an experienced electrical engineer is needed to get a good result.

EZL’s Filter Design Toolset™ provides multiple ways to filter, smooth, and average data in EZL.

EZL Filter Design page - FIR, IIR, Smoother, Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Hanning window is displayed


Filter Design Toolset™ Features:

The filter design tool includes the ability to build lowpass, bandpass, and highpass FIR or IIR filters. Apply filters with a single click, or save the generated coefficients for use in your own tools and projects.


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