Real-Time Data Acquisition

Acquire your data in real-time and visualize it as fast as you can think.

EZL’s powerful Real-Time Data Acquisition System (DAS) allows you to apply on-demand analytics for real-time data analysis and real-time visualization and graphing.

The Real-Time Data-Acquisition System allows you to connect to instruments or equipment and receive their output data streams for real-time plotting and data analysis.

The Data-Acquisition System  allows for data feed in real-time to measure real world physical conditions and convert the resulting data so it can be visualized, analyzed, and plotted by your computer.

Compared to traditional measurement systems, the Real-Time Data Acquisition System exploits the processing power, productivity, display, and connectivity capabilities of your desktop and provides a more powerful, flexible, and cost-effective measurement solution.


Real-Time Data Acquisition System Features:

  • Pipe data in real-time from your own programs directly into EZL using stdin/stdout pipes
  • Connect directly to external serial or Ethernet devices. General purpose interface bus (GPIB) devices may be added upon request
  • Set data collection limits for indefinite real-time data streaming
  • Never run out of memory. Real-time plots automatically slide to the left as new data arrive.

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