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Is EZL supported for Windows 10?

Yes! EZL is fully compatible and supported for Windows 10.

EZL is supported for Windows XP/ME/Vista/7/10

Download and Installation

How do I install EZL?

In order to keep EZL portable, no installation or setup process is required; the entire software package is contained in a single executable (ezl.exe) file.

EZL can be run from any directory you desire. Just create the directory (if it does not already exist) and place ezl.exe and your license1 file (ezlicense.lic) within. Typically, we use C:\EZL as the directory, but you can use anything.

To create a shortcut icon on your desktop, simply drag ezl.exe with your right mouse button, from your EZL directory to the desktop. This will open a Windows menu: select “Create Shortcut Here”. Next, right-click the new shortcut, choose Rename, type EZL, and press Enter.

It is always a good idea to add your EZL directory to your computer’s system path. This will make the program accessible for command-line usage. This is optional; if you never intend to run EZL from the command-line, this can be skipped.

To add EZL to the system path for Windows XP:

Click Start→Control Panel→System.  On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables. In the System Variables section, select the variable “Path” and click Edit. At the end of the Variable Value field, type “;C:\EZL” (without the quotes and note the leading semicolon). Then click Ok. Click Ok again.

To add EZL to the system path for Windows 7:

Click the Windows Button. In the search box, type Environment Variables. Click either “Edit environment variables for your account”, or “Edit the system environment variables”. In the Environment Variables windows, select the “Path” variable. If “Path” cannot be found, create it. Add “;C:\EZL” to the end of the Variable Value field (without the quotes and note the leading semicolon). Then click Ok.

Why no installation program? There are many reasons, but here are a few:

  • Portability – EZL can easily be run directly from USB memory. This means you can carry the program with you to run on any system.
  • User Privileged Access – Many office workstations block setup programs from running, for non-administrator accounts. With no setup required, EZL will run right out of the box.
  • Maintain a Cleaner Computer – No installation means no uninstallation. No residual files, orphaned shortcuts, bad registry entries, etc.

1 In the absence of a license file, EZL will run in Demo-mode.

Is internet access required to use EZL?

Internet access is required to use EZL in Demo-mode1.
Internet access is not required to use EZL in Registered-mode2.

No usage statistics, system info, etc is ever collected or transmitted by any EZL Software product.

1 Use of the internet for demo-mode allows us to maintain your 30 day trial.
2 EZL is automatically run in Registered-mode when a valid license file is present.

My firewall is blocking my demo access, do you have another option for a demo trial?

It is possible that your demo mode does not activate due to your firewall or other issues. If this happens please email us at We will provide an alternative method for demo activation.


How long is my license good for?

Once you purchase a license from us, it’s yours. At EZL Software, we disagree with the recent fee-based trend, where you have to pay monthly/yearly for continued software operation.

Licenses purchased from EZL Software come with 1 free year of software updates1. Software downloaded during this period will work with your license indefinitely.

Annual Maintenance Support can be purchased at a discount to extend your software update period past the 1st year.

1 Note, because registered versions of EZL never access the internet without your explicit command to do so, you will not receive automatic notification of available updates. Sign up for our Newsletter for email notification of new releases, or periodically visit our Downloads Page to check the current version.

I am a student. How do I verify my full-time student status with EZL so I can receive student pricing?

Please email a copy of the following documents to prior to purchase. Once verified, we will email you a discount code you can use at check out to receive the full student discount.

Put in subject line: Student verification

Documents needed:

  • Copy of current semester course schedule
  • Copy of school ID
What are the different ways to license the software?

EZL is a node locked license only. This was done to allow users in high security areas or jobs with limited access to internet, the ability to fully utilize EZL.

When licensing your software, you will be asked to provide your drive serial number. Here’s how to retrieve this number:

Windows XP / Vista / 7
1. Open up a command prompt window
(Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt).

2. Type in: vol. Press enter.
The Volume Serial Number is shown.

Windows 8
1. Open a command prompt window
Right-click anywhere on the Start Screen and then click on “All apps”.
Scroll to the right until you find the “Windows System” section heading.

2. Click on the “Command Prompt” tile. Type in: vol. Press enter.
The Volume Serial Number is shown.

Windows Volume Serial Number

Can I use EZL on both my home and work computers?

Yes. While your license will be node-locked to a single machine, licensed versions of EZL can be run directly from memory sticks or USB drives. Simply copy ezl.exe and your license file (ezlicense.lic) to your USB device and bring it home with you!


Does EZL have a digital signature?

Yes. DigiCert has verified the source and integrity of our applications using a DigiCert Code Signing Certificate. Users of EZL can have confidence that EZL is safe for download.

Does EZL install any spyware or spamware?

No. EZL is as pure as a freshwater spring on a cold winter day  🙂

There is no hidden code which will harm your computer. We collect no usage statistics. We record no system information.  In short, EZL never phones-home!

EZL was specifically designed with high-security industries in mind. Many of our clients have strict application white-lists, and stringent software requirements. As EZL satisfies these conditions, we pass the security and ease-of-mind on to you.


How do I get help with EZL features?

There are four ways you can get help with EZL’s features:

How do I set the input file delimiter?

With EZL, there is rarely a need to! EZL automatically parses the input data using spaces, tabs, commas, and semicolons for column separation.

If you have specific needs, or custom data formats which are not satisfied automatically, EZL’s regular-expressions parsing option may solve the issue. If not, or if you need further assistance or customizations, please contact us at

Can I plot from the Windows command prompt using EZL?

Absolutely. The command to plot data is the same, whether you are plotting from within EZL using the Command Window, or from the Windows command prompt. For example, the two techniques demonstrated below will yield the same result.

For the case on the bottom (i.e. the Windows command prompt), notice that the path of the input file “hist.dat” specified by -f, is not fully-qualified – yet it still works, even though hist.dat does not exist in the current Windows directory (in this case C:\Users\bcf). On this computer, the file hist.dat exists in EZL’s default data path. As such, when EZL tries to plot hist.dat and discovers that there is no such file in the current directory, it then checks the default data path.

To avoid ambiguities, it is good practice to use fully-qualified file paths when using EZL within your own Windows batch scripts.

Command prompt plotting

Can EZL read ASCII time stamps?

We’re glad you asked. Yes it can. There is no longer a need to pre-process your data; no need to manually convert timestamps to numerical values for plotting. This article provides details on EZL timestamp plotting: Nuances of timestamp specifiers

Can EZL read Excel files?

Short answer: No, with a but… You cannot directly import Excel (.xlxs or .xls) files into EZL, but you can import .csv or .txt files – both of which can be written by Excel. So, if possible, you can save your Excel spreadsheets to .csv or .txt to preserve compatibility with EZL.

EZL Software does, however, provide a free Excel add-in which gives you the capability to send your data directly from Excel to EZL, with no required intermittent steps (i.e. no need to save the spreadsheet then import it into EZL). This add-in has become very popular among our users because it glues EZL and Excel together, providing you with the best of both worlds: Excel’s wonderful data formulation and EZL’s enhanced plotting and statistical capabilities.

EZL was written to be cross-platform – which means we have builds for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix. While the non-Windows builds have not yet been released, we made the decision to not write the Windows-specific code necessary for native Excel support, in order to keep EZL as cross-platform and portable as possible.

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