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Curve Identifier Panel

The Curve Identifier Panel1 is useful when multiple curves are plotted within the same plotter. The panel provides a list of each plotted curve, along with each curve's unique ID and associated color.

Often, when working with multiple curves, one or more curve may be obscured or difficult to see when its data are plotted beneath other curves. The Curve Identifier Panel can assist in such cases by highlighting a curve of interest. Clicking on a particular curve identifier within the panel will raise the affiliated curve to the top of the plotter which will then flash for 5 seconds making it easy to spot, before returning the curve back to its original position.

To access the Curve Identifier Panel (if not already shown), open the Dock menu on the menu bar, And click Curve Identifier. The panel may then be docked by grabbing the panel's title bar with the mouse, and dragging it to the desired location.

1Plans are in place for future EZL updates to allow users to right–click on a curve within the panel to assign unique data marker shapes on a curve-by-curve basis.